The following is just a very small sampling of some of our projects that are ongoing or have been completed. Please contact us to request additional information about these or other projects.

The Tennessee Aquarium is the largest fresh water aquarium in the United States. This project was very challenging due to a tremendous amount of Plumbing, HVAC, Mechanical Piping, Ductwork, and Equipment installations in very limited access areas. Along with this was the installation of a complete Life Support System for the hundreds of species that would become part of this facility. This system was for both Freshwater and Saltwater exhibits. A very close coordination process between all trades, the General Contractor, Engineers, Architect, and the Owner, proved to be the winning edge in this project. The Tennessee Aquarium is considered to be one of the World Class Aquariums.


We have worked with Bowater Newsprint, a world leader in paper, paper products, pulp and ground wood specialties for over 20 years, and the last 10 as a on site Contractor. With each plant having multiple paper machines, which produces hundreds of thousands of tons of paper annually, along with the pulp production producing the same, we have used all of our fields of expertise in helping to insure a continuous operation. Whether it is working on exotic metals in process piping, installing new, or moving existing equipment, all types of structural fabrication to the basic Plumbing and HVAC requirements, we are committed to insure Quality, on Time completion and under budget in every aspect of their operation.


We have been an integral part of the Chattanooga Convention and Trade Center since it's inception through both phase 1 and 2. This facility has 312,000 sq. ft., including 21 meeting rooms, 4 exhibit halls, and 6 ballrooms. Part of this project was to install an innovative recycling system, which allows rainwater to be recycled for non-consumable use. A Sate-of-the-Art fresh air ventilation system that allows temperatures to be controlled with near pinpoint accuracy throughout the facility was also installed. This system can completely "flush-out" the buildings air and replace it with a fresh supply automatically or on demand. The second phase of this project was accomplished within the schedule, and working closely with all trades, no interference with operation of the Convention occurred.


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The Wonders Of Wildlife Museum located in Springfield, MO is an aquarium that is a National-Class facility that is also part Zoo. The 92,000 sq. ft. facility has a 220,000-gallon saltwater exhibit, a 140,000-gallon freshwater exhibit, along with many other displays, which makes it unlike anything else in the Midwest. Coordination with the General Contractor, Engineers, Architect, and Owner was extremely critical in this project due to the maximized use of space. As having the responsibility of all Mechanical aspects of the project, we also installed all life support systems, which included new cutting edge technology. With the lead in coordinating all trades during the project in order to meet all schedules was a very challenging. The completion of this project was very rewarding as it was on time and under budget.


Photo by: PhotoSpec, Nixa, MO

We have taken great pride for many years to work on many projects at Erlanger Medical Center. Began in 1891, with 72 beds, it has grown into the areas Level 1 Trauma Center serving a 150 mile radius, and also one of the top Trauma Centers in the Southeast. As having been the Mechanical Contractor for the major portion of each expansion at Erlanger Medical Center. This includes the Children's Hospital addition, and the major addition of the Ancillary East Wing, a multi story addition that includes operating facilities, life support and critical care areas. This also included new and Highly Technical equipment, air distribution systems, complete renovations to major areas of the hospital, along with major changes in medical gas, and other services. This as in other projects accomplished at the hospital was done by closely working with, and coordinating with the General Contractor, Engineers, Architect, and Owner to insure minimal disturbance while the project was in progress. Each of these projects was successfully completed on schedule.


The newest addition to the very successful, Tennessee Aquarium is the Ocean Journey Aquarium. This project was as challenging as the original River Journey Aquarium completed in 1992. This project was successful due again to the close coordination of all contractors along with the Owner, Engineers and Architect. This is a salt water aquarium and the challenges were as numerous as it was for the fresh water River Journey Aquarium, but again with close coordination with all trades and along the General Contractor, Owner, Engineers and Architect it was a tremendous success.



Memorial Health Care System ( Memorial Hospital) is one of the top 100 hospitals in the United States. It opened in 1952 with 185 beds and 35 bassinets. Memorial North Park Hospital became part of the Memorial Health Care System in 1998. With other outreach operated centers Memorial Health Care System is a vital part of the health care net work in the area, and has seen a tremendous growth over the years. We are proud to have been the Mechanical Contractor for major portions of construction during this time. We have worked very closely with the Owner, Architects and General Contractors with major expansions, facility upgrades and new facilities and these were completed within schedule and within budget.



The Spallation Neutron Source Project (SNS) is an accelerated-based neutron source built in Oak Ridge, Tennessee by the U.S. Department of Energy. The SNS will provide the most intense pulsed neutron beams in the world for scientific research and industrial development. At a total cost of over 1.5 billion, construction began in 1999 and was completed in 2006. As being selected as the Mechanical Contractor for the heart of the project, the Target Building and related support facilities, it is one of the largest mechanical contracts awarded at a ORNL project. A very intense QA/QC program was the top priority for this project due to the critical requirements to achieve the optimum success of the product. Much of this project was fabricated in our Chattanooga, TN facilities and transported to the project. The QA/QC program was as important in the fabrication facilities as it was for the installation of all equipment, mechanical, piping, plumbing, HVAC and structural components. The close coordination between all contractors was the vital key to the completion of this project on schedule.

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We have other industrial, commercial and institutional customers, with many completed projects to our credit. A list of these satisfied customers are available upon request.